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Event Production 

Concept    Budget    Build    Brand  

 Market    Execute



  • Live Experiences  

  • Branded Entertainment

  • Event Promotion 

  • Tour Management

  • Concert Production

  • Event Management 

  • Research & Planning





Corporate & Sponsorship Sales 



Package    Sell    Market    Negotiate    Close 


  • Strategy development

  • Secure Media Partners

  • Build Marketing Decks

  • Target & Solicit Clients

  • Intro to Sponsors

  • Pitch, Present





Social Media Development


Implement Strategy       Develop Social Media Outlet  

Use Media Platforms     Execute Social Media Campaign 

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Tumblr





Experiential Marketing


Consumer Integration    Brand Loyalty


Fan Base Experiences    Field Marketing



  • Live Experiences

  • Nightlife Marketing 

  • Branded Entertainment 

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Event Promotion 

  • Mobile Marketing 

  • Product seeding

  • Celebrity placement





Media Sales 


Package    Negotiate    Evaluate    Sell


  • Build Multimedia Plans & Marketing Decks

  • Contact and Contract Media Partners

  • Negotiate Media Partnerships with Program

  • Evaluate Sponsor Elements

  • Sell to Sponsors





Festival Activation


Sponsorship Negotiation    Integration & Fan Base Inclusion


Sponsor Messaging    Brand Product Inclusion





Video/Film Production

Secure Finance    Build Budget


Hire Team    Execute Production

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